Bangkok Airport – Thailand’s Premium Airport

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The airport of Bangkok is one of the premium airports in the country of Thailand and also the busiest airport in the Southeast Asian region. The airport is used by many airlines of Thailand as its primary base. The airport handles a large number of international flights and passengers from different parts of the world. There are many services and facilities which are available at the airport for the passengers.


Passengers Facilities and Services at Bangkok Airport


The airport has many hotels for the staying needs of the passengers. There are many airlines which maintain world class lounges at the Bangkok airport. The airport also has the facility of restaurants and coffee shops for the passengers which are located in the terminal. A special shopping area is also located at the airport for duty free shopping.


There are many other services which are provided by the airport for the passengers. Disabled and medically ill passengers are offered services like wheel chair for free. There is also doctor on call and ambulance service available at the Bangkok International Airport. The airport also has offices of all the domestic and leading international airlines which operate regular flights from the airport. Get useful information about Bangkok Airport at Cleartrip.


The airport is well connected to the various parts of the city. Services like metro, rail and taxis are available for the passengers to reach different parts of the city. The airport also maintains a world class website which has all the updated information regarding the flight status and other information regarding flight timings from Bangkok to other parts of the world.

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