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There is one aspect of cost that we have not considered. The fact is that the cost of the ride does not assume that the ride will have 100% occupancy. It assumes a percentage of seats are likely to be empty. Let us call this cost as the base price. Now if we are able to attract sale of the extra seats the operator gets 100% profit on those sale.

Airlines use this opportunity to offer discount fares for early birds so that the last minute travelers can fill up the excess seats. The net result of this manipulation is that the fight runs at full capacity with the airlines making a small extra which it could not have made if they had not provided the incentives to the early birds.

Airlines may also consider charging a premium to the travelers booking at last moment and passing on part of the extra as a discount to the early bookers. Cheapest air tickets are easily available to all now.

Strategies to Buy the Cheapest Air Tickets

If you’re planning to travel by airways and your itinerary is fixed keep an ear to the ground and look for the changes in air fares by all the airlines on the route you want to fly to know the discounts.

The discount air tickets as normally appear between one and two months prior to the date of flight. Weekend airfare is always more expensive than weekdays. Wednesdays are the best. Holidays are costlier. Check out if airlines charge extra for baggage.  Learn more about Cheapest Air Tickets at Cleartrip.

Different airports charge different landing charges and per passenger charges. If you can avail a flight to an alternative airport near your destination, check out the fares. Do not book more than one ticket at a time. And clear cookies before you book the second cheapest air tickets. Airlines do not give discounts to repeat bookers.

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