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Airlines in India

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With the boom in the aviation industry in the nation, more and more passengers demand for air travel. As a result of increased demand, a number of domestic, as well as international scheduled passenger service providers, have entered the market. Earlier being a luxury today air travel is a part of the daily life of people.

The government policies have also played an important role in promoting airlines in India to operate in the aviation sector by keeping a check on monopoly power formation and enhancing privatisation in this sector.

Major Airlines in India

There are both Low Cost Carriers (LCC) and full service airlines that operate in India’s aviation sector. The full service air carriers offer connectivity to all the major cities of the country. The low-cost airlines in India are a new concept that has emerged in this sector in the recent past. The low-cost carriers or budget carriers offer no frill services to passengers and generally serve passengers travelling to the second-tier cities, which are excluded by full service airlines.

There are a number of budget carriers such as the JetKonnect Airlines, which also offers complementary on board meals to its patrons. Other famous domestic airlines in India are Air Asia, Air Costa, Air India, Deccan Shuttles, GoAir, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, JetLite, SpiceJet Airlines and Vistara. All these air carriers operate domestic scheduled passenger services to across the country. Visit for more details of Airlines in India.

The booking of tickets online has also become a hassle-free experience, which has further enhanced the demand for air services in India.

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